• Importing giant

    Start Your Own dealing with a partner in the giant import equipment.

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  • Start your project successfully

    We provide you with everything you need from your restaurant supplies.

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  • Enjoy a quiet summer

    Our services in the field of air conditioning unbeatable.

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  • Giant stores

    Start Your Own dealing with a partner in the giant import equipment..

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  • European offset adjustable gas valve ..

    Supermarket Products, Cooler / Freezer, .

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  • Full equipment supply

    Frizzer, buffet cooling and heating, Refrigerators Show Turkish, Italian, Chinese full-featured.

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  • Choose the decors of your commercial space

    Commercial space, Selling refreshments, Stored in refrigerators giant, Butcher.

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Our Commitment to configure a perfect understanding of the needs of consumers and customers and aspirations, which allows us to offer innovative solutions developed to facilitate life and make the character of comfort.

Schnizer has become one of the largest and most important brand in Libya. This is based on its unique policy that take on various important facts such as good management, effective human resources, assembly lines and warehouses that were built according to the specifications of high precision are comparable to modern warehouses worldwide.



















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TEL 1 : +218912225511 - TRIPOLI

TEL 2 : +218912095511 - BENGHAZI

TEL 3 : +218 912175511 - MISURATA

TEL 4 : +218 912165511 - ALZAWYA


The 2nd Circular Rood the Libya Company For Investment And Promotion Building, The 2nd Floor-Misurata-Libya. P.O.Box : 749