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Welcome to ALMOHET Company’s site.




Speaking on my own behalf and on behalf of the members of the Board of Directors of Al-Mohet Company,

I would say, It’s my pleasure to announce with full confidence that our company has been so successful to overcome

the various challenges that have emerged in 2011.
Change is a fundamental feature of life”. A phrase said by the ancestors, and we feel it through our daily lives, principally as all the developments and growth of the communities were generated by sincere efforts to change for the better and were accompanied by planning methods that can fit the circumstances and challenges arising from this change.

Based on the long experience of managing this field of business, which exceeds 15 years, and which included organizing global trading agencies to perform marketing in Libya, Al-Mohet Company was established as a joint Libyan company in 1996,


its field of specialization is mainly concentrated in selling durable goods, electric and other household appliances.

In the process of ongoing development and constant change for the better in our beloved Libya, Our company has come to contribute in supplying the community with the necessary equipments and high quality of electrical and household appliances that fit current needs and requirements and, on the other hand, we guarantee the best after sales service.

Furthermore, we supply a wide range of equipment of the best international brands for hotels, restaurants and cafes.
Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all our employees who have been the vital factor for the development and growth of the company over the last period.


Thank you again

Chairman of the Board of Directors


















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TEL 1 : +218912225511 - TRIPOLI

TEL 2 : +218912095511 - BENGHAZI

TEL 3 : +218 912175511 - MISURATA

TEL 4 : +218 912165511 - ALZAWYA


The 2nd Circular Rood the Libya Company For Investment And Promotion Building, The 2nd Floor-Misurata-Libya. P.O.Box : 749