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About Us :


   Al-Mohet Company was Founded in 1996, and now it has more than 120 employees who are divided into accountants, engineers, technicians and sales management in addition to our staff in our stores, branches and showrooms which are located in the major cities of the country and which represent a point of strength for our company.
Al-Mohet Company is distinguished for possessing modern transport fleet of vans, cars and trucks … In addition to the use of modern methods of advertising.


   Due to the drive, motivation and creativity of the management team at Almohet, the company has successfully and aggressively entered a variety of industries and sectors in search of interesting and exciting business opportunities. Almohet Company follows a strategy of targeting high-growth sectors that offer attractive prospects for the future. Through careful planning and meticulous execution, the company is diligent yet aggressive in its ventures and follows a tried-and-tested approach to building a business and creating an enviable market position.

The international companies that choose Almohet to be their Libyan partner illustrate the result of this approach. In each of Almohet’s markets, the company works alongside esteemed international brands to deliver their products and services to the Libyan consumer. Over the years the company has developed close, long-lasting and collaborative with these international partners, forming a powerful alliance that makes an impact on the domestic market.


















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TEL 1 : +218912225511 - TRIPOLI

TEL 2 : +218912095511 - BENGHAZI

TEL 3 : +218 912175511 - MISURATA

TEL 4 : +218 912165511 - ALZAWYA


The 2nd Circular Rood the Libya Company For Investment And Promotion Building, The 2nd Floor-Misurata-Libya. P.O.Box : 749